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My name is Kaitlyn and I, along with my business partner Sharon, own a wedding and events company. We are an events company that manages, markets and maximizes the potential of unique spaces here in Toronto. We currently manage full time two event venues, and are on contract to bring weddings and special events to other esteemed establishments in Toronto’s once vibrant hospitality industry. 

With empty event calendars through to May, we had no choice but to lay off our staff. Weddings and special events provide valuable work for a multitude of vendors, planners, bartenders, wait staff, caterers, and more.

We’re all suffering. 

Our May and June clients are now getting nervous and wanting to postpone.

As time of writing, rent is still due. Operating expenses still need to be paid. Payment deferrals are appreciated but we are likely facing a lengthy rebuilding phase, that is, if we’re lucky enough to make it that long. We are hesitant to take on debt as a bridge option as there are just no guarantees the events industry will rebound fast enough to allow us to repay. Experts are now suggesting 6-12 months recovery time, and we just don’t have that much of a cushion in the bank. We’re on our own here. 

And we’re requesting your assistance. 

Refvik & Light Productions: About Us
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