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Support local restaurants during the pandemic!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

FWIN is presenting GiftForward, a gift card system designed to help the community through this period. GiftForward a social-good organization partnering with restaurants to offer gift cards that you can buy through their platform, to be used once the restaurants are allowed to re-open.

This means restaurants get the cash they need now, and you have something to look forward to post-pandemic!

To sweeten their offer, restaurants will be providing these gift cards at a discount — we know people are hurting as well and we want to make supporting restaurants accessible How it works: Establishment provides identification and proof of business ownership to Giftforward

Establishment lists discounted gift cards on Giftforward (for example, a $50 gift discounted to $40, the discount covers the risk to the buyer in the event the establishment closes down in the meantime) Giftforward send the money to the establishment, deducting 6% (all deductions go to credit card processing fees and marketing, there is no profit being made by Giftforward) Customers can use the gift card once the establishment re-opens . Sign up your restaurant today

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